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Dario joined the band early in 2014. He and Sandie met at a time where they both were searching to work with new musicians. They had a jam and clicked instantly! Dario grew up in Andalucia where the flamenco is a strong influence in the music scene. He started playing the Spanish guitar when he was 15. Soon after he discovered the electric guitar and was blown away!! He started playing blues with his friends, they taught them selves tunes by ear. He has since then moved mostly in rock, pop, soul and funk studying on his own account theory and musical skills.

In the beginning Dario had a hard time performing in front of an audience, playing with his back to the audience he was struck by stagefright and had to work really hard to face his fears!. He knew he wanted to play music, he was passionate about it and he understood that this was a big part of being a musician so he kept on and let the music lead the way!

Dario brings beautiful Spanish inspired melodies to Auralyn waves along with his tight rythmical riffs which gives the music a new and refreshing sound!


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